The effectiveness of anti smoking laws.

The given assignment is an 8 to 10 minute economics presentation surrounding the issue of the effectiveness of anti smoking laws. Despite the topic which is set, this does not mean that this is the title/question word by word, but it states that this will be the issue which my presentation will be surrounding. This topic will be only based on the United Kingdom only, therefor all the research, findings, laws, and etc. will be based on this area only. This topic will look into the effectiveness of different government approaches to decrease smoking rates. This suggests that approaches such as taxes, no smoking laws (in certain areas), the raise of awareness, and etc will be looked at and analysed, in order to see their results and to see which is more effective. This assignment should state why smoking is an issue, and why it is important for governments to resolve problems surrounding it. This topic can look at the negative externalities of smoking. (Negative externalities of production/consumption.). Who is effected by smoking and why that is an important economical issue. Why it is important for the government to decrease its negative externalities and how it can be done. This topic can look at the effectiveness of taxes on smoking. How smoking can be viewed as price enalstic, meaning it is not price sensitive, and therefor taxing has shown not to be effective. This can look at how the raise of the health factors regarding smoking has shown to be effective. How this has led to the publics view on smoking to show, and how it is viewed socially unnaccptable to some. The effectiveness of these different approaches should be shown by labeled graphs, showing the shifts which illustrate their effectiveness, and to also show how one is more effective than the other. Graph can also be shown to show how smoking can be seen as price enalstic. key terms should be defined throughout the essay and theories should be clearly illustrated. For example, this means that when mentions the negative externalities, the term should be defined and explained. Definitions and explanations of terms elasticity, inelasticity, taxes, negative externalities, or any appropiate key term used throughout presentation should be defined when possible. Side note: if there is too much text to put inside the slides, please provide the text on a seperate document on whats to be said and stating for which slide it is for.

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