How might the NASW Code of Ethics relate

Purpose: Social workers often ask people to experience change to achieve some goal. We are asking people to leave their comfort zone and get “out of the box” in some way. In addition, an important aspect of social work practice is empathy. Towards the goal of experiencing change and increasing empathy, each student will be asked to define their comfort zone and to complete an activity which is deemed “outside of their box.” Students will write a paper reflecting on this experience. The paper should include the following:  Define your comfort zone (what are some of your basic identities, how have your background and experiences contributed to your view of and understanding of the world?)  Define a population different from you and your comfort zone in some ways  Describe an experience that is outside of your comfort zone that may help you to understand more about your population  Describe the aspects of the population and experience that bring you discomfort  Describe how this experience/activity demonstrates thinking outside of the box for you  Describe the amount of comfortability you experienced during the processes of deciding, participating in, and reflecting upon the experience/activity  What new perspectives have you taken away from this exercise?  What is the purpose of this experience/activity for you? (Be honest—if there was none say so—but also say what could have made it a better learning activity for you.)  How does your own background/values impact your ability to fully appreciate the experience?  How might the NASW Code of Ethics relate to this experience? My comfort zone would that I would like to work with kids who aged out of foster care program and help them look for a job and place to stay or help them get into the military o

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