Research 3 failed franchised businesses and 3 successful franchise

Franchise Opportunities in North Carolina

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Franchise Opportunities – For this option you will analyze both successful and failed franchises to better understand the dynamics involved with acquiring and operating a Franchise. ◦Section 1: Research 3 failed franchised businesses and 3 successful franchise businesses and explain the differences; focus on why they either failed or succeeded. ◦Section 2: Research and develop a list and short description of available franchises options in your area or region. ◦Section 3: Select one franchise option that may be potentially interesting to you in the future. Describe the business of the franchise in some detail. Research and describe the criterion for being accepted as a potential franchisee. Include an explanation for why this business may be of interest to you. ◦Section 4: Research and describe the legal, social, and ethical issues involved with owning a franchise of this type. ◦Section 5: Summarize why a franchised business may or may not be of interest to you.

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