Why is the principle in Salomon v Salomon Ltd [1897] AC 22 regarded as

3. Enumerate the general principles of the law of delict as illustrated in the judgment of the Sheriff in the case of Helen Trueman v Aberdeenshire Council (2007) (see http://www.scotcourts.gov.uk/search-judgments/judgment?id=c9d786a6-8980-69d2- b500-ff0000d74aa7 for the Scottish Courts law report).


4. Why is the principle in Salomon v Salomon Ltd [1897] AC 22 regarded as a very important case in company law? Is it a good principle, in your opinion? Under what circumstances might the courts decide to ignore the Salomon principle? Or 5. Find a legal dispute that has started in a court of first instance and been successfully appealed in a court of appellate jurisdiction. Discuss the legal issues in the dispute and how the appellate court came to over-rule the decision of the lower court. The subject of the dispute must be one covered in this course

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