Aman Resort Case analysis

 Keep in mind that your analysis with your thoughts and interpretation matter. Questions 1.Describe the Aman guest experience and how the company, and its resorts, differs from other similar lodging products? Why are people consistently paying $1,200 on average for a room? (30 Points) 2.What are the difference/uniqueness of Aman’s compensation system? (20 Points) 3.To make Aman “work”, the staff needs to be dedicated to delivering phenomenal customer service. Given the Aman’s compensation system you analyzed, if you were a GM at an Aman Resort, how would you design the strategic compensation and/or incentive scheme to ensure employees would be dedicated to delivering high quality service for firm’s competitive advantage? (30 Points) Format 1.APA required only for your references and citations 2.12 font size with Times New Roman 3.1.5 spacing 4.Minimum 2 pages excluding table/figure/reference list 5.Comprehensive discussion with your sound arguments are required 6.The focus should be on quality, not quantity, in your response. I encourage you to look for information outside of the case itself (website, TripAdvisor, magazine articles, etc.).

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