English as a Global Language: What historical and current facts and

Assignment Description: Write a paper on the status of English as a global language – or Lingua Franca, comprised of 2 parts or phases over a few weeks, where Part 2 builds on Part 1: Part 1: the research and drafting stage (note due date). Part 2 (Includes Parts 1 and 2): the expansion and refinement final stage (note due date). The following are the questions and concerns that you should take up as you develop, revise, and polish your paper: • Why is English the lingua franca of the whole world? • What caused this development to occur? • What historical and current facts and conditions make it the principal global language?

• What is the capacity of the English language to fulfill the often competing obligations of a language, to serve as a global medium of communication, and to provide differing communities with differing senses of identity? • Can English exist coherently as an untold variety of Englishes? • What form will English take as we move forward? • Will its unity dissolve into disunity?

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