Criminal Justice: Dealing with the Economic Downturn

The recent changes in the economic situation impact all governmental organizations, including criminal justice agencies. In this Assignment, you will apply organizational planning, theories of human motivation, proper ethical management decision making, and compliance with applicable law while utilizing sound management practices that maintain operational capabilities within the following scenario. You are the chief of a police organization that employs 115 sworn officers of various rank as well as a civilian staff of 20 personnel. The city council has informed you that due to the economic situation, you must reduce your sworn staff by five officers and half (10) of your civilian staff must also face layoffs. In addition to the layoffs, you will have no funds for new programs and equipment. Also, one of the civilian staff members is married to your sister. In keeping with your police department’s mission statement, you must maintain a focus on community policing while maintaining and improving the community by ensuring public safety.


Develop a 1,050–1,400-word plan to implement these cuts in personnel, programs, and equipment and explain how the organization will deal with the impact of these cuts. In your plan, you should define and analyze the problem and design possible solutions.

Include the following in your plan: · Identify your plan to prioritize staffing within your patrol division by providing appropriate coverage with reduced staff in keeping with your department mission statement. ·

Prioritize job functions and then explain how you will determine which staff members will be laid off. Justify your argument based on best management principles. · Identify the ethical issues you will be confronted with involving the selection of the personnel that will be cut. Consider the following: · What internal or external influences may be presented in the process? · What means will you use to maintain fairness during the process as well as in work distribution and assignments of those who are retained? · What means will you use to maintain fairness during the process as well as in work distribution and assignments of those who are retained? · Address how the public will react to these changes and how might their opinion impact decisions and the reputation of the department. · Identify at least two management methods required to maintain employee motivation, organizational communications, and insure public safety.

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