Entrepreneurship Skills and the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Part A: Choose two topics from any of those delivered during this course; those that you hated or liked may be equally instructive. Provide a summary of the key ideas from the reading(s) for these topics (and any additional literature that you have found useful) and then explore the relevance of these topics for your own, more or less skilful conduct in your venture. This might be about how and why the topics resonate with your own experience, or how the topics help you think differently about your conduct, or help you better understand the dynamic of your experiences and relationships, or help you identify aspects of your conduct where you need to learn to act with more skill. This is a reflexive piece and you should give approximately equal attention both to explaining the ideas in sufficient detail, and to exploring their relevance or significance for you and how you conduct yourself in your own venture. For those of you for whom a venture is still something that has yet to take shape and form, then the assignment should follow the same format of summarizing the core ideas from the readings in relation to two topics, but then be used to reflect on your existing or prior work experiences and relationships, and your own conduct within these. And

Part B: Conduct and interview an experienced entrepreneur (not a family member) and compare/contrast how their approach to these topics differs from your own and include the outcome of this into your essay.

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