Pick one of the theories of persuasion and discuss its origin,

Pick one of the theories of persuasion and discuss its origin, traditional applications in strategic communication, and how its application has changed in the landscape of social media, interactive platforms and audiences. Support your answer with comprehensive research and analysis.

The essay should be • Clarity and quality of your argument and analysis • Comprehensiveness of the your research and literature review • Originality • Conduct in-depth secondary research in order to answer the question and present that in your essay. • Present your own argument and analysis in a thoughtful way, which is backed up by evidence. Recommended references: 1. Werner Severin & James Tankard Jr. (2001). Theories of persuasion. In Communication theories: Origins, methods and uses in the mass media. 5th ed. Longman. p. 151 -184. 2. Michael Miller & Timothy Levine. (2009). Persuasion. In An integrated approach to communication theory and research, Stack & Salwen (eds.). Routledge. p. 245-259

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