Dance Kinesiology paper: Discussion of the muscles that are involved

This Dance Kinesiology paper is an analysis of Spine based on the dance image: Lift up through the spine, not chest, avoid military look. These are the sections the paper will be broken into: Paragraph 1- Anatomy of the Spine: the bones and type of join it is, synovial join info (if applicable), movements that are possible with the spine.

Paragraph 2 & 3- Discussion of the muscles that are involved in the Spine’s action of extension (Cambré – an arch back with the spine): what are the prime movers (agonist), antagonist, synergists and stabilizers. Paragraph 4- What muscles allow the Spine to lengthen and maintain the rib cage close when standing in an erect position? Paragraph 5- Specific Exercises & stretches that allow this dance image (life through the spine not the chest, avoid military look) to be effective? Specific exercises and stretches to aid with proper alignment for a Cambré (arch of the spine back/ extension of the back)? Paragraph 6 – Neuro-muscular considerations:reflexes and possible nerve impingement(s)

Paragraph 7- What injuries (overuse and traumatic injuries) could occur from working with poor alignment of the spine? What are the treatments for these injuries? Paragraph 8- Conclusion on the importance of the dance image: Life through the spine, not chest, avoid military look References to use: Dance Kinesiology by Sally Sevey Fitt Dance Technique & Injuries Prevention by Justin Howse Dance Anatomy and Kinesiology by Karen S. Clippinger The Anatomy of Movement by Blandine Calais-Germaine

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