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 For all questions on this exam, imagine that you work for Cocotopia International, (Cocotopia, or CI), a US-based company that produces chocolate products. You work in Cocotopia’s Purchasing Department and are in charge of purchasing cocoa[1] beans. (Cocoa is mixed with other ingredients such as milk and sugar to make chocolate.) You manage a team of purchasing agents who buy beans directly from cocoa plantations from all over the world. 1What types of skills do you need to do your job effectively? Give at least one specific example of each type. 2.Please give a hypothetical example of a SMART goal you could set for your regional manager who is in charge of purchasing cocoa from Africa. Please explain your answer. 3.Please give an example of how a planned emergence approach to decision-making could benefit Cocotopia’s cocoa purchasing. 4.Cocotopia seeks to gain a competitive advantage in the chocolate bar industry. Where is the best place for it to be located on the strategic productivity frontier? 5.Assume that Cocotopia is located on the strategic productivity frontier. The company’s leadership seeks to instill ethics into everything the company does. Would taking an ethical approach to business help the company stay on, or even push out, the strategic productivity frontier? Why or why not? Prompt for Questions 6-9. Still assume you work at Cocotopia. In some farms in western Africa, slaves are used to pick the cocoa beans that are made into chocolate products. These slaves are forced to work, cannot leave their farms, are physically and emotionally abused, and are not paid.[1] You conclude that Cocotopia can reduce its costs and increase its profits by buying cocoa from a west African farm that uses slaves. Assume that slave labor is accepted in the country in which the farm is located. [1] This is all true. For more information on this topic, simply google ‘slavery chocolate.’ It occurs in many parts of the world, not just western Africa. 6.According to shareholder theory as presented by Milton Friedman, should Cocotopia purchase cocoa from the farm that uses slave labor? Please explain your answer. 7.According to Aristotle’s virtue ethics, please explain whether Cocotopia should purchase cocoa from this farm. 8.Imagine that you gather your team of cocoa purchasers together to discuss whether you should purchase cocoa beans from farms that use slaves. Explain how groupthink could influence your decision. 9.Assume now that you decide not to purchase cocoa from the farm that uses slaves. You talk to Milley Mangstar, who is a cocoa buyer for Arendt Chocolate, a competitor company. Milley tells you that she has decided to purchase cocoa from the farm even though she thinks that doing so is unethical. Please refer to the lessons from Milgram’s Obedience experiment to explain why she would do so.

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