Description 1. You are required to WRITE AN ESSAY REPORT pertaining to the selected 2011 American period drama film “The Help” written and directed by Tate Taylor. 2. This assignment will require you to analyze the various aspects of the negotiation skill, its elements, and communication aspect of the party/ies involved. 3. Write-up of the assignment must include, but not limited to: • BATNA and Negotiation Process – The BATNA must be correctly explained in relations to the film • MUST INSERT SELECTED DIALOGUE concerning to the NEGOTIATION and your detail EXPLANATION • Conclusion – The paper must be concluded with the positive/negative outcomes of the film • Reference list • Appendix, if any 4. Must include relevant issues of communication and negotiation practice in the film. 5. Able to cite in-text appropriately and include an end-of-text reference list accordingly, based on the APA reference system.


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