Physician-patient relationship dilemma

Assignment Layout: 1. Title Page: a. Student Names (First and Last), Student Panther ID Number and Title 2. Body of Paper: a. Answer ALL questions at the end of the chapter case study b. Provide TWO lessons learned from the case study c. Suggest and discuss at least TWO ways students can learn from this case study educate your peers and your community. d. Suggestions and discussion for coping with the challenges faced.

3. Conclusion a. Benefits of having others “not like us” as the focus b. How this experience enhances our individual/collective worth in contributing to a globalized world and adds value to our professional endeavors. 4. Reference Page: a. Provide a separate References page of the sources used for your written assignment (APA format). b. Two references are required. You can use the course textbook, articles and or any credible, reliable, and valid resource as an additional reference. Wikipedia and sites of that like are not acceptable; neither are .com sites. Make sure you cite your sources in-text whenever paraphrasing or directly quoting someone else’s work.

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