American Association of Critical-Care Nurses

Research a Professional Nursing Association that is relevant to your practice or professional role. • Template for Professional Nursing Association discussion assignment: 1. State the Name of the Association in the title of your post. 2. Provide the mission/purpose of the association, web site and cost of membership. 3. Discuss why you chose this professional association. 4. Review the educational offerings it provides for members including if it has an annual meeting or conference and information about publications 5. State if you have become a member or if you are planning to join this organization. 6. Analyze why it is important for professional nurses to belong to professional organizations including the importance of nurses’ role in advocacy. 7. Discuss how professional associations can impact lifelong learning, professionalism, and careers. 8. How does the professional associations address the ANA Code of Ethics. Include specifically provisions 5 and 9. (not what the codes mean) 9. Include at least 2 scholarly references. note: use each as sub title to ensure all areas have been addressed

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