Epidemiology Method-Problem Set of Study Design

For each of the following study designs below, write a “vignette” as in the in-class exercise that gives the necessary information to identify the study design without explicitly stating it. You may either use your imagination or describe studies that appear in scientific journal articles. If you choose to use an actual study, do NOT cut and paste the abstract. Instead, write the description of the study in your own words. Think about what features of the study design distinguish it from other designs, and be sure to: • Indicate how people were selected for the study • Mention both the exposure and outcome • Say what groups are being compared • Include enough clues so that your vignette cannot possibly describe another study design – think about what differentiates each study design from the others. If you describe a published study in your answer, please include a reference to the journal article. Beware that sometimes the article authors may state that their study is a different design than what we have learned in our epidemiology courses/textbook! 1. Traditional case-control study 2. Case-cohort study 3. Retrospective cohort study 4. Prospective cohort study 5. Nested case-control study

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