Piercy and Revolution in Markets

Market-Led Strategic Change : Transforming the Process of Going to Market (CHAPTER 4 MUST BE READ AND UNDERSTOOD IN ORDER TO COMPLETE WORK PROPERLY) – Introduce the assignment: explaining the view Piercy has and that it is going to be critically evaluated / Revolution / new trends, technology is changing. Example?- What does Piercy mean by revolution in markets?- What are the key drivers and forces: using examples to explain each point given? Explain the impact this is having on different markets – talk about a business or company that has been affected: for example, Blockbusters taken over by Netflix… effect on company?- What are the different types of radical responses that Piercy refers to? Any critique against Piercy is will be very relevant.- ‘In response to these radical changes organisations need to adapt and continue to create value for their customers and shareholders’ – examples in which organisations are seeking to create customer value when markets are in “revolution”.- Evolutionary vs Revolutionary: Different types of responses and evaluate the extent to which a radical response is required to a marketplace in ‘revolution’ points made must be supported with examples. P.S. EXAMPLES ARE VITAL!

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