Transgender considerations

 Professionals are becoming more aware of transgender considerations as individuals begin to more openly question their gender identity. We observe transgender behaviors often amongst young children. Families and community systems are rapidly becoming challenged to respond appropriately. Although chapter twenty-nine in your textbook questions this, gender dysphoria is no longer considered a professionally appropriate term by the American Psychological Association as gender identity questioning is not considered a disorder by professionals working in this field. As psychologists adopt this phenomenon as potentially natural for the individual, it often continues to require professional intervention and support. How might you, as a therapist, respond to a gender identity questioning client? What personal bias, positive and/or negative, do you bring to such a client relationship? What steps might you take to better prepare yourself, and keep yourself prepared, to support clients in this evolving process? Consider how you might support a family who is struggling in supporting a transitioning family member. Online research should be included in support of your initial response.

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