Diverticulitis Scenario

T.H., a 57-year-old stockbroker, has come with complaints of recurrent mild to severe cramping in his abdomen and blood-streaked stool. His vital signs (VS) are 168/98, 110, 24, 100.4° F. T.H. reports that he has a history of diverticulosis. He has no known drug allergies (NKDA). He denies having a history of cardiac or pulmonary problems and no personal history of cancer. He takes no “regular” medications and denies the use of any other drugs. His diagnosis is acute diverticulitis.



1. What other relevant questions would you ask T.H.?

2. What pathophysiological variations exist in other populations?

3. What factors influence the incidence and manifestation?

4. What are specific treatment goals for T.H.?

5. What drug therapy would you prescribe?  Why?

6. How would you monitor success?

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