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Find two proper APA Style references for two (2) “External Authoritative Sources” (defined below), discussing  diverse populations in healthcare policy in the US or other country and provide a brief paragraph narrative (one paragraph for each of the required two (2) “external authoritative sources”) incorporating proper APA in-text citations and reference for each source, as well as, a link for each source which leads to the full article referenced is required immediately following each reference.

“External Authoritative Sources” for purposes of this course shall mean: books, peer reviewed journal articles, education and government sites as well as non-partisan national or international organizations (such as WHO, UNICEF, UNAIDS etc) provided, the foregoing source/material selected has in text citations and references to support statements made therein. Under no circumstances are newspapers including the Wall Street Journal, blogs (regardless of source), editorials, panel discussions and dot com sites be used. The foregoing are not considered authoritative for this course. 

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In this response, I will provide two proper APA Style references for two “External Authoritative Sources” discussing diverse populations in healthcare policy in the US or another country. Each reference will be accompanied by a brief paragraph narrative incorporating proper APA in-text citations and references as well as a link to the full article.

Reference 1:
Johnson, A. L., & Martinez, M. E. (2018). Addressing Health Disparities: The Role of Social Determinants and the Social Ecological Model. Public Health Reports, 133(1_suppl), 5S-8S. doi:10.1177/0033354918776341

In their article, Johnson and Martinez (2018) explore the significant role of social determinants of health in creating and perpetuating health disparities among diverse populations. The authors argue that healthcare policy focusing solely on clinical interventions is insufficient to address the root causes of these disparities. They propose incorporating a social ecological framework into healthcare policy formation and implementation. This approach takes into account various levels of influence, including individual, interpersonal, community, and societal factors, to promote health equity and improve healthcare outcomes. Johnson and Martinez’s (2018) study emphasizes the need to understand the complex interplay between social determinants and healthcare policy to achieve meaningful change.

Link to the full article: [

Reference 2:
Department of Health and Human Services. (2016). Report to Congress: Social Risk Factors and Performance Under Medicare’s Value-Based Purchasing Programs (Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation). Retrieved from [

The Department of Health and Human Services (2016) released a comprehensive report to Congress, examining the impact of social risk factors on healthcare performance within Medicare’s value-based purchasing programs. The report highlights the importance of considering social determinants of health, such as socioeconomic status, education, and neighborhood characteristics, when implementing healthcare policy reforms. It underscores the need to address the challenges faced by diverse populations and identifies strategies to mitigate the impact of social risk factors on health outcomes. This authoritative source provides valuable insights into the connection between healthcare policy, social risk factors, and equitable healthcare delivery.

Link to the full report: [

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